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How did you choose Romania? Basically I came here on vacation once to meet some friends, ended up returning and after a few weeks i realised it could be good to move permanently, so I did. Was half impulse other half opportunity and till this day i think it was one of the best decisions I made in my whole life. Tell me about your project and how you see it in time? I arrived already with music project in hands but it was hard to make it work cause people were not familiar with the genre, it had no demand and i ended up pursuing an old wish i had to play Drum and Bass. Recently I felt a need to come out with a music collection i’ve been working on some considerable time and it was how Exotica came to light. It’s a side of my musical persona many people don’t know and give me great joy to work with. I see it with the same eyes a father has on a baby kid.. It has a lot of potential but a long way to go till it matures and become something else than a good idea. The general way is to make it more often in unusual locations and start working more the scenic part of the performance. Would you agree to mix a live evening on Radio, just like you did at KF? I’m always free to play or broadcast. I surely agree on broadcasting another live event =)) If we were to make a broadcast on you, in your spare time, what would be your conditions? I honestly believe the Exotica show lives from the atmosphere where it happens so i need a crowd and a party place to make things go. You are free to broadcast any of my events, or maybe i can make it for you guys. One of the reasons i made my online radio was to be able to always have something to show, you can stream from there any time, just let me know in time and i can prepare some custom content for that program. www.exotica.radio Over time, we want to make more Deejay known. We want to participate and organize events. Over time, you would like to work with us on the basis of the events. Let’s give you events and all the package you need at an event. audio system, transport, advertising …? There is a an African proverb that says: „If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, take a friend.” I’m all up to healthy collaborations with hard working and dedicated people, there is enough room for all of us to benifit from it. Hit me with fantastic ideas and i’ll help with what i can. What about you, what would be the song to listen to forever? That’s a good question for which i have no answer =)) but i would rather live in silence than hearing just one song forever. I always have something mumbling in my head and it’s very hard to even say what in music i like the most. It’s never enough!  
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